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Kye Kye Kule Tutorial

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Visual Musical Minds teach this song that comes from Ghana, Africa.


The lyrics tare:


Che Che Koolay,

Che Che Kofisa

Kofisa Langa

Ka Ka Silanga

Kum Ade Nde



Indian Rhythms

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Such an efficient rhythmic solfege system from the south of India! This rather direct path to rhythmic complexity makes me consider the extent to which people within a culture are so "quantized to grid". Fun eye opener for plain ol 4/4 types like myself???? Excellent teaching! https://youtu.be/KsvKQhOeQjQ

Drums and Your Brain

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Here's a cool game I adapted from MUSICPLAY. It involves story telling, african singin, and drumming.

Here are my kids playing



Students sit in a circle and the teacher begins with a story about a little girl who lives in Ghana. One day the little girl is walking down a Country Lane when she falls down and hurts her finger on a rock. She runs to her gr...

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Seeing Rhythms differently

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Exciting vid showing the circular plotting of rhythms as opposed to traditional scores, visually exploring the similarities of various world musics. In the past I have used circular step sequencers and also tried to explain to students in this way. Chalk this one down. https://youtu.be/2UphAzryVpY

Super Hero Rhythm Game

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Just had an idea for a fun drumming game. In teams, kids choose an upside down superhero rhythm flashcard. If the can play the rhythm to the pulse the team keeps it. Winning team gets drumming dojo powers. Should be a blast and great drum circle inspiration.

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Choose an instrument

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Choose an instrument is a drum circle game for toddlers. Preteach the names of instruments.

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We Are Going To The Moon For Drums

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This is a drum circle game where each kid sings her name. Chant and accentuate each sylable with the drum, alternating three loud beats with six softer ones. Good way to refresh memory and the concept tied in to the nursery's science curriculum who are learning about space.

Zoom Zoom ZOom!

We're going to the moon

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Zoom Kaboom




Hickety Tickety












Stella ella ola




Ndina Hnina




Call and response




Build a Beat


(use a grid and insert sounds)



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