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What is all the noise about?

Posted by [email protected] on April 9, 2016 at 9:55 AM

This is a post from a course I am on called The Place of Music in 21st Century Education The University of Sydney. Do you agree with my ideas on this exercise?


"I believe that the use of noise to make music will continue and increase until we reach a music produced through the use of electrical instruments which will make available for musical purposes any and all sounds that can be heard." - John Cage (1961), "The Future of Music: Credo", in SILENCE 3-4.


Was John Cage right? If not, do you think he will be right? Are "electrical instruments" as valid and important music-making instruments as acoustic instruments such as a violin, a piano, a guitar, or a trombone?




As a synthesist I can assure the use of noise is omnipresent in modern music production.



As for instruments, I view them purely as technology and tools for music creation. Modern instruments therefor obviously differ from classical instruments, which in turn differ to instruments used thousands of years ago. In each instance they remain tools for music creation.

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